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Let's be honest St Johns is a pretty big place and it can be a challenge to get to know people. Let me introduce you to Roots! The 18 - 30 something-year-olds of St Johns Church. 

Roots has three primary goals: 

1. Growing Community. We have Sunday lunches together down the pub, picnics in the park and BBQ's in the summer. 

2. Building Firm Foundations. Bereans is our three Bible Study Program looking at Mark, Romans and a Bible Overview. We encourage all new members in their 20's to 30's to join Bereans and commit to it for three years. Then once those three years are up you graduate and join a St Johns Home Group.

3. Equipping and Reaching. We run events to help equip those who know Jesus and for those who just want to know more about him. 


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