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Our 18 - 30s ministry, or as we like to call it, Roots, exists to enable the young adults at St John's to know Jesus better and make Jesus better known. 

Our three main priorities are: 

1. Growing Community. We recognise that your 20s and 30s are a transient time. People move around a lot and could only be in a place for a short period of time. So, through Roots, we aim to grow an authentic community. We do this through monthly dinners at the local pub, summer BBQs and countryside walks. 

2. Building Firm Foundations. We believe that God speaks through his word and that if we gather around it to read and study it, then he will change us for the better. This is the perfect time to delve into God's word and build firm spiritual foundations that will last for life. For this reason, Roots runs a three year Bible Study Programme called Bereans, looking at Mark, Romans and a Bible Overview. We encourage all new members of St John's in this age group to join Bereans and commit to it for three years. Then once those three years are up you graduate and join a St John's Home Group. 

3. Equipping and Reaching. We want to help people know Jesus better. For this reason, we run events that help Christians think through how they can live and speak for Jesus in all of life. And we run events that help those who know nothing about Jesus to get to know him better. We do this through running weekends away, days away and guest events. 

Upcoming Events


Roots Weekend Away

Jesus tells us that if we're his disciples then we must carry our cross, but what does that look like in the 21st Century? 

What does it mean to be "cross-shaped" in the decisions that we make? How do we live sacrificial lives when our culture is obsessed with comfort? 

If you want to explore this subject and more than come along to the Roots Weekend Away. It is a weekend of teaching, singing, praying, playing cricket, eating good food and making good friendships. 

Date: 25th - 27th May 2018 

Location: Shatterling Barn (Near Canterbury) 

Program: Talks, Discussion Groups, Bonfires, Cricket, Walks, Pub Trips 

Price: Full Weekend Ticket is £60. Day Ticket is £20. 


Lunch at the Yard


2nd Sunday Special

10th June 2018

Juicy Burgers + Great company = Lunch at the Yard

The concept is simple. On the first Sunday of each month, we head off to St John's Yard to enjoy a juicy burger and each others company. I've booked out the back room. Be great to see you there. 

Roots BBQ


15th July 2018 


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