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Here you will find links to recent church meetings and other videos. Not all meetings are available to the general public, so church members are strongly encouraged to login.

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Online Meetings

At each of our normal meeting times, a new video will be uploaded, including prayers, a Bible reading and a talk. (The YouTube video will appear as private until the time listed, please refresh at the right time.) Please click on the talk title to access the main video.

We suggest you download (and where possible print out) the notes in advance, and it will be a help to find the Bible passage in advance as well. There's also a link to a suggested song to listen to/sing along with after the talk.

Date & TimeBible PassageTalk TitleTalk NotesSuggested Song(s) 
Easter Sunday 12 April 10.30amMatthew 27:54 - 28:15Jesus - buried and risen  
Good Friday 10 April
Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12Hour at the cross  
Good Friday 10 April
Luke 23:32-45Good Friday All Age meeting  
Maundy Thursday 9 April
Luke 19Rock Solid does Holiday Club  
Maundy Thursday 9 April
Luke 19:1-10The Ark does Holiday Club  
Sunday 5 April 6pm
John 16:16-33Life: True JoySermon notesYet not I but through Christ in me
Sunday 5 April 10.30amMatthew 28:32-54Jesus - crucified and deadSermon notes
Family Worksheet
The power of the cross
Sunday 29 March 6pmMark 4:35-5:43Real Lives - Is Jesus really in control?
 The man who calmed the sea
Sunday 22 March 10.30amPsalm 34The Lord who is good The Lord is my salvation
Sunday 22 March 6pmJohn 16:4b-15Life: The Spirit of truthDownload hereSaviour of the world

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