Summer Bible Readings 2023

Monday 24th July

Read Psalm 1


Q: What do we learn about the blessed person?

Q: Think about Jesus. How does he fulfil this figure of the blessed person?

Q: How does this lead us to give thanks for Jesus? Jesus, who has lived this righteous life for us, in our place, so that we are now ‘righteous’ in God’s sight.



Dear Father, thank you for Jesus the blessed man who always trusted you and walked your way. Thank you that Jesus delighted in your Law and lived it out in his life. Thank you that because Jesus died on the cross for my sin, you have graciously forgiven me my sin. Thank you that you have given me Jesus’ righteousness. Please help me to mediate on your Word. Thank you that because of Jesus, you watch over my way and will bring me through your judgement day. In Jesus name, Amen

tuesday 25th July

Read Psalm 2


Q: What unites the world nations?

Q: How does God respond?

Q: Look at verses 10 to 12. How should the nations respond?

Psalm 2 is fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus is God’s King who is opposed by the nations (see Acts 2:25-28) at the Cross, and through history. But God has resurrected Jesus and Jesus is seated at the right hand of God.

Q: How does this psalm encourage us to keep taking refuge in King Jesus, even when the world opposes Him and His people?



Dear Father, thank you that you have raised Jesus from the dead and that Jesus is sat at your right hand as King over the universe. Thank you that you have stirred my heart to submit to King Jesus. Thank you for the blessing and joy of taking refuge in Jesus. Please help your people to endure the opposition from the world. We pray that many people would submit to Jesus and take refuge in Him before He returns in judgment. In Jesus name, Amen


Wednesday 26th July

Read Psalm 3


Q: What does King David pray to God?

Q: How does King David’s experience point forward to what happened to King Jesus?

King Jesus trusted His Father to deliver Him from His enemies. Jesus was resurrected and delivered from death and Satan. Now today, as Jesus’ people, we can praise God for Jesus’ deliverance. Especially because it is through Jesus’ deliverance that God has delivered us from our enemies of sin, Satan and death.

Q: When we feel the sharp teeth (v7) of sin, Satan and the world opposed to God, why don’t we need to fear?



Dear Father, we thank you that, in love for us, Jesus endured such suffering in his life. Thank you that Jesus endured opposition from sinful men and from Satan. Thank you that Jesus trusted that you would deliver Him. Thank you that you have raised Jesus from the dead and that Jesus’ enemies are defeated.

Father thank you that from you alone comes our deliverance. Thank you that because of Jesus, you have delivered us from sin, Satan and death. Please help us to keep trusting in your deliverance, especially when others say that you aren’t our deliverer. In Jesus name Amen.


thursday 27th july

Read Psalm 4


In verse 1 David cries to God for mercy and help.

Q: In verses 2 to 5 How does David warn and urge the people around him?

In verse 6, many of the people are doubting that God will provide for them.  David asks that God would bless the people with joyful faith.

Q: In verse 8 What gives King David peaceful sleep?

David again foreshadows Jesus. Jesus is God’s servant whose prayers God listens to. Jesus is our King who urges us to search our hearts before God and to trust in God when we’re under pressure.

Q: Why can we ‘in peace lie down and sleep’?



Dear Father, thank you for Jesus your faithful servant. Thank you that we are completely secure in Jesus and that we have peace with you, no matter what our circumstances are. Please help us to search our hearts for where we are doubting you. Grow us in trust of you. May we lie down and sleep, knowing that you alone make us dwell in safety. In Jesus name, Amen.’

Friday 28th July

Read Psalm 5


Q: What does King David pray for?

Q: What do we learn about God’s character?

Q: How does King David’s experience foreshadow King Jesus’s experience?

Q: Look at verse 11 and 12. How do these verses help us to pray, especially when we are persecuted for being a follower of Jesus?



Father God, thank you that you heard Jesus’ cry for help and delivered Him from His enemies. Father may all who take refuge in Jesus be glad. May they ever sing for joy. Please spread your protection over us, that we who love your name may rejoice in you in all circumstances. Thank you that you surround us with your favour as with a shield, and that nothing can separate us from your love to us in Jesus Christ. Amen.

monday 31st july

Read Psalm 6


Q: How is King David feeling?

Q: What does he ask the LORD to do?

Again, King David foreshadows King Jesus. King Jesus had no sin of his own, but bore our sin on the cross, and endured great anguish and groaning (think of the night he was betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane).

Q: Look at verse 4. Why will God deliver His King and us His people?



Father God, we thank you that you listened to King David’s heartfelt prayer. Thank you that you listened to King Jesus’ anguished prayers and delivered him from his enemies by resurrecting Jesus. O LORD, please deliver us from sin, Satan and death, because of your unfailing love. Amen.

tuesday 1st august

Read Psalm 7


Q: Looking at verses 1 and 2, what is King David’s situation?

Q: What does David ask the LORD to do?

Q: What do we learn about God the judge?


King David trusted God would deliver Him from his enemies. Ultimately King Jesus has been vindicated from his enemies, and because of Jesus, we are rescued from sin, Satan and death, and from those who persecute us because we belong to Jesus.


Q. In verse 17 King David praised the LORD because the LORD is righteous. Does meditating on God as the Judge of all lead us to praise?



Father, we praise you that you are the LORD and judge of all peoples. You are righteous and you judge sin. Father, we are sorry for our sin. Thank you for Jesus, that you saved Him from his enemies. Thank you that because of Jesus, you will save us too. Praise you Lord that one day all will see your just judgement. In Jesus name, Amen.

wednesday 2nd august

Read Psalm 8


Q: Look at verse 1 and verse 9, What does King David do?

Q: How do we see God’s majesty in this psalm?

In Hebrews 2:5-12 we learn that Jesus is the ultimate man whom God cares for. Jesus is the human that rules over creation. And in Hebrews 2, Jesus is worthy of ruling because he died on the cross. Amazingly, Jesus shares his rule with his people – we get to rule with Jesus in the new creation!

Q: How should we respond, as we see this psalm fulfilled in Jesus?



LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Praise you because you have created everything. Thank you for caring for us lowly humans. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you that he came through death and is reigning over all creation as fully man and fully God. Thank you that Jesus shares his rule with his people. Help us to keep praising you as we wait for the new creation when we’ll see this fully. In Jesus name, Amen.

thursday 3rd august

Read Psalm 9


Q: What does King David do in verses 1 and 2?

Q: What has the LORD done for King David?

Q: What wonderful truths do we see about the LORD in verses 7 to 10?

We have seen even more of the LORD’s wonderful deeds than David got to see – we see how the LORD has delivered King Jesus, who has been lifted up from the gates of death (verse 13).

Q: From the psalm, what can we praise God for? What can we proclaim among the nations (verse 11)?



Dear Father, you reign forever. You are a refuge and stronghold in times of trouble. Thank you for your wonderful deeds. Thank you for lifting up Jesus from the gates of death. Thank you that mortals cannot triumph over King Jesus. O Lord thank you that you will never forsake those who seek you. Have mercy on us, please keep us seeking you and trusting in your name. Please help us to proclaim Jesus among the nations. For your glory, Amen.

friday 4th august

Read Psalm 10


Q: What does the psalmist ask God in verse 1?

Q: What does the psalmist see in verses 2 to 11?

Q: Looking at verses 12 onwards, how does the psalmist answer his own question?

King Jesus sees the pride of man, particularly how the strong attack the weak. And especially in how the wicked oppose God’s forgiven, redeemed people.

With King Jesus, we can pray to the LORD to bring an end to wickedness, asking the LORD to ultimately call the world to account.



LORD God, thank you that you see the wickedness of humanity in its opposition to you. Thank you that you will call all to account. We praise you that you are king forever. Oh Lord we want to pray especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are facing fierce persecution. Please see their trouble. Please consider their grief and take it in hand. Listen to their cries and defend them from evil. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

monday 7th august

Read Psalm 11


Q: Why does David take refuge in the LORD?

Q: We see God’s character in this psalm. Is this how we view the LORD?

We were naturally God’s enemies. But Jesus has rescued us from the judgment to come. Because of Jesus, God sees us as upright and righteous.

Q: How does this psalm help us keep taking refuge in the LORD, in Jesus?



LORD God, in you we take refuge from those who oppose you. In you we take refuge from the judgment to come. Thankyou that you are righteous and that you love justice. Thank you that your judgment is good, and that evil will not last forever. Thank you for Jesus our refuge who saves us from judgment. Lord please may many take refuge in you before it’s too late. In Jesus name, Amen.

Tuesday 8th august

Read Psalm 12


Q: What do we learn about the human race?

The poor and needy in verse 5 and verse 7 are those who are spiritually humble and dependent on God rather than on human pride.

Q: What will the LORD do for all those are humble before the LORD?

Jesus knew what it was to be maligned and spoken against by people. And the LORD ultimately delivered Jesus and will ultimately deliver His people when Jesus returns.

Let’s pray particularly today for our brothers and sisters around the world who are enduring severe persecution.



LORD God, please help your persecuted people. We pray for our brothers and sisters who are being maligned because they follow you Jesus. We pray please help them, please protect them from those who would malign them. Keep them safe from those who would seek to destroy their faith. Keep them persevering in faith until they are safely home with you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

wednesday 9th august

Read Psalm 13


Q: What does the psalmist do with his feelings in verses 1 to 4?

Q: In verses 5 to 6, what does the psalmist trust, even though his present circumstances are really tough?

In this prayer of David, we see a prayer that Jesus would have prayed – one of crying out to the LORD for help, and one of trusting in God’s unfailing love for ultimate deliverance.

Q: How does this psalm help us cry out to God in tough circumstances?



Oh LORD, how long must we wrestle with sorrow and pain? How long must your people be opposed? How long must we feel the struggle of spiritual battle in this life? How long will Satan attack and poke and accuse? But Lord, we trust in your unfailing love to us in Jesus. Our hearts rejoice in your salvation. We will sing your praise, for in Jesus, you have been good to us. In Jesus name. Amen.

thursday 10th august

Read Psalm 14


Q: What do we learn about humanity?

Q: What do we learn about the LORD?

Q: Look at verse 7 – where will salvation come from?


Romans 3:12 quotes psalm 14:3. Paul says it’s true of everyone! This is us by nature! But in Romans we see that God gives us his righteousness through Jesus. By faith in Christ, we become Psalm 14:5 – the company of the righteous. What grace! Salvation has come from Jesus.



LORD God, we know that of ourselves we are the fool who has turned away from you, who are darkened in our understanding. We are sorry. Thank you that your salvation has come for your people because of Jesus. Thank you for Jesus’ righteousness given to us as a free gift. Oh Lord, humanity continues to turn away from you. Lord, please change people’s hearts that they would call on you in faith. In your compassion, please have mercy. In Jesus name, Amen.

friday 11th august

Read Psalm 15


Q: Who may dwell in God’s presence?

Q: How does this psalm show us that we need God’s forgiveness through Jesus?



LORD God, who may dwell in your presence? You are holy, holy, holy. Lord we are sorry for our sin – sin that would stop us being in your holy presence. Lord, we thank you for Jesus whose way of life was always blameless. Thank you that we are washed clean of our sin by the blood of the lamb, Jesus. Thank you that because of Jesus, we may dwell in your presence forever. Help us never to take this for granted. In Jesus name, Amen.

monday 14th august

Read Psalm 16


Q: What confidence does King David have in the LORD? Why?

Verse 11 is quoted in Acts 13.

Acts 13:34-38:

‘God raised him [Jesus] from the dead so that he will never be subject to decay…so it is also stated elsewhere:

‘You will not let your holy one see decay.’

Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed. But the one whom God raised from the dead did not see decay. Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you’.


Let’s give thanks that God has resurrected King Jesus.


LORD God, thank you that you did not let Jesus see decay. Thank you that you have raised Jesus from the dead, and that in Jesus we have the forgiveness of sins and the promise of resurrection life eternal. Help us to share the good news of Jesus’ resurrection with others. In Jesus name, Amen.

tuesday 15th august

Read Psalm 17


In this psalm, King David cries to God for vindication from his enemies.


Q What wonderful truths does David pray in verses 6 to 9?

To be the apple of God’s eye is to be most precious to God. King Jesus was the apple of God’s eye, and Jesus was raised and vindicated by God.

When Jesus returns, his people will ultimately be vindicated and see God’s face (v15).



LORD God, thank you that you heard Jesus’ prayers and delivered him from his enemies. Thank you that in Jesus’ vindication, is our vindication. In Jesus’ resurrection, is our resurrection. In Jesus’ return, is our rescue from those who oppose you and your people. Thank you that we will one day see Jesus’ face. Amen.

wednesday 16th august

Read Psalm 18


Q What did the LORD do for King David?

Q: How does David respond?

King David foreshadows King Jesus. And as those who are in Jesus, we can pray these wonderful words too.

Q: Are there any verses you would like to pray to our Father?



Oh LORD, we love you. You are our strength. You are our rock, our fortress and our delivers. You have saved us from our enemies of sin, Satan and death. Those enemies were too powerful for us. But you have given your King Jesus great victory over our enemies. Thank you that we get to share in Jesus’ victory. Praise be to you, our Rock! Exalted be God our saviour! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

thursday 17th august

Read Psalm 19

Q: In verses 1 to 6, what does creation reveal?

Q: In verses 7 onwards, what is even better and why?

Q: How does this psalm encourage us to love God’s word?



O LORD God thank you for your precious word. We are sorry for neglecting your life-giving word. Thank you for Jesus who loved your Word and who lived your word for us. Lord, may we delight in your word as it shows us Jesus. As we do so, may your Holy Spirit change us that the words of our mouths and the mediation of our hearts would be pleasing in your sight, our Rock and our Redeemer. And please help us to share your wonderful word with others that they would praise you too. In Jesus name, Amen.

friday 18th august

Read Psalm 20


The requests in verses 1 to 5 are amazing! But they can only be understood in light of verse 6.

Q: In verse 6, what does the LORD do?

Q: Because God will give victory to His King (see also verse 9), where should God’s people put their trust in verse 7?

The LORD has given victory to His King Jesus. Because of this, we trust in the name of the LORD and know that he will help us to stand firm in faith.



LORD God, thank you that you have given victory to your anointed King Jesus. Thank you that in Jesus we rise up in faith and stand firm in faith, no matter what happens now. LORD we are sorry when we trust in human strength. Please forgive us. May we trust and keep trusting only in you and your name for our help and strength today and forever. In Jesus name, Amen.

monday 21st august

Read Psalm 21


Q: What does King David do in verse 1?

Q: What has the LORD done for King David?

Q: How does this point forward to what the LORD has done for King Jesus?

Q: Look at verse 13. How should we respond?



Be exalted in your strength, LORD; we will sing and praise your might. Praise you for giving King Jesus victory over sin, Satan and death. Thank you that you have given life, length of days, for ever and ever to Jesus. Thank you that in your unfailing love, we share in Jesus’ victory too. Praise you LORD for your strength and might! In Jesus name, Amen.

tuesday 22nd august

Read Psalm 22


Q: What does King David cry in verses 1 and 2?

King David trusts that God will deliver him in verse 22.

Psalm 22 is fulfilled in Jesus, in many ways.

Verse 18 in Luke 23:34 for example.

Most precious of all, verse 1 is the cry of Jesus on the cross in Matthew 27:46.


Q: How does psalm 22 help us see what Jesus experienced at the cross?



Heavenly Father, we thank you for Jesus. Thank you that he endured God forsakenness on the Cross, so that we will never have to. Thankyou that Jesus trusted in you through death. Thank you that Jesus declared your praise to us His people. Oh Lord may we fear you and praise you. Oh Lord may we proclaim Jesus and His Cross to future generations, that they will praise you too. In Jesus name Amen.

wednesday 23rd august

Read Psalm 23


Q: What do we learn about the LORD and His King?

Q: How was psalm 23 fulfilled in King Jesus?

Q: As Christians, what precious truths from this psalm can we hold onto?



Oh LORD you are our Shepherd. Thank you that we lack nothing. Thank you that you guide us through all seasons. Thankyou that you guide us for the honour of your name. Oh Lord, even though we walk through the darkest valley may we fear no evil, because you are with us. Thank you for Jesus our Shepherd who endured the darkest valley for us. Thank you that one day we will join him in the new creation feast, dwelling with you forever. In Jesus name, Amen.

thursday 24th august

Read Psalm 24


Q: What do we learn about the LORD?

Jesus is the only one who fulfils verses 3 and 4.

But because Jesus is God’s victorious King, those who seek Jesus will receive the blessing of knowing God as their Saviour (verses 5-6).



O LORD, the earth is yours and everything in it. You alone are the Creator. And we praise you that you are also the King over all. You are strong and mighty in battle. Thank you for Jesus, the king of glory, who stands now in your holy place in heaven. Thank you that through Jesus, we can seek your face. We praise you, our King of glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

friday 25th august

Read Psalm 25


Q: What does David pray for?

Q: How does David know that the LORD will answer?

King David was only a foreshadowing of Jesus. As King David repents here, we are encouraged to repent too. And we know God will answer because of His perfect sinless King Jesus.



Oh Lord our God, in you we trust. For the sake of your name, for the sake of your King Jesus, please forgive our iniquity, though it is great. Thank you that in Jesus you have taken away all our sins. Please guide us in your truth and teach us to walk in your paths, for you are God our Saviour. Our hope is in you. Remember LORD your great mercy and love. In Jesus name, Amen.

monday 28th august

Read Psalm 26

Q: What kind of King does David claim to be?

Blameless doesn’t mean sinless perfection, but he’s saying the covenant love and faithfulness of God have been at the heart of his life v.3.

Q: What does King David love and what does he hate?

Q: King David is foreshadowing Jesus, the only one who perfectly fulfils these verses and who has never faltered/slipped up. Why is this good news for God’s people? v.7, 9, 11, 12

Because Jesus is morally upright he’s vindicated by God and he can stand on level ground v.12. And so he can lead the praise of God in the great congregation of God’s people.


Heavenly Father, we rejoice in Christ’s blamelessness. Thank you that he can stand before you and lead us in your praise. Thank you that through Christ dwelling in us you give a godly aversion to the values of the wicked and a godly affection for you our Father – help us to grow in these by your grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

tuesday 29th august

Read Psalm 27

Q: What’s King David’s tone throughout this psalm? And what does he resolve to do? V.14

Q: What is his one deep desire? V.4

Q: How do we see this psalm fulfilled in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection? (read Hebrews 5.7)

Our King Jesus shared David’s covenant confidence amidst yet deeper hostility. His one desire was for the presence and fellowship of the beautiful Father. And so he prayed to the one who was able to save him from death and he was heard.


Our beautiful Father, we thank you for Jesus’ confidence in you in the face of extreme hostility and death. Thank you for his utterly consistent and passionate single-hearted love for you. By your grace, help us to share in Jesus' sufferings, purify our desires for you alone and help us to persevere in prayer for our final rescue in him. In Jesus' name, Amen.

wednesday 30th august

Read Psalm 28

Q: What is it like for those who ‘go down to the pit’? v.1-5 

There’s no praise ‘in the pit’, the Lord will not answer the wicked who have no regard for his deeds.

Q: Why does God’s anointed King rejoice in v.6, 7? 

The cries of the LORD’s anointed King are heard by the LORD. David was heard by the LORD and he responds in praise. Jesus Christ ultimately sings this psalm - Jesus is not in the pit!

Q: Because the covenant God answers the prayers of the anointed king what does that mean for God’s people? V.8,9

God's people pray with confidence that the LORD will save them and be their Shepherd forever v.9 because the LORD answers his anointed King Jesus.


Heavenly Father, we rejoice that our prayers for salvation are heard by you in the anointed King Jesus’ name. Thank you that in him we have an unbreakable covenant with you. Save, bless and shepherd us to heed the warning not to be like the wicked who have no regard for your deeds. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

thursday 31st august

Read Psalm 29

Q: What do we learn about the LORD?

Q: What happens when the LORD speaks?

Q: What does God’s supremacy mean for his people? V.10, 11

When Jesus sang this psalm of David he affirmed his trust that the words of God, the words he spoke himself, exercise the sovereign authority of God over all things and guarantee his people’s peace.


Awesome Lord God, you are glorious and worthy of worship from all beings. We’re sorry for our puffed up pretensions of strength. Reassure us that in Christ, your word, we find strength and peace in the midst of all the chaotic and terrifying powers of evil that threaten to enslave us. Glory to you our great God! Amen.

friday 1st september

Read Psalm 30

Q: Why does King David exalt the Lord? V.1-5

Q: What realisation does King David come to? V.6,7

For a while David thought he was the master of his own soul v.6, he now knows that everything comes from the covenant God. Self-confidence will be silenced, it leads down to the pit!

Q: But what’s King David’s testimony? V.11-12

He was saved to sing the LORD's praises not be silenced. When Jesus sings this psalm, he too acknowledges that every breath he breathed came from his Father. Jesus was never guilty of self-confidence. Jesus sings David’s testimony in a new key, leading his people in confession and glad praise for every breath of our lives.

Heavenly Father, thank you that King Jesus was never guilty of self-confidence but trusted you his Father with his life. Thank you that in him you’ve turned our wailing into dancing; you removed our sackcloth and clothed us with joy. In Christ we sing your praises forevermore. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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