2021 Summer Bible Reading in Mark's Gospel

Each weekday over the school summer holidays, do join us in reading Mark's gospel and learning more about Jesus.

We'll suggest a Bible passage along with a short reflection (see above for today's devotion)

Whether you have 2 minutes, 5 minutes or longer - let's grow in taking time to listen to God's Word each day. 

And why not ask one another how it's going?

Click on the relevant date below for the link to previous Bible passages and reflections.

Or click here to see all the devotions so far.

Don't worry if you miss days - just pick up where you left off:

Thursday 22nd July: Mark 1:1-13

Friday 23rd July: Mark 1:14-20

Monday 26th July: Mark 1:21-45

Tuesday 27th July: Mark 2:1-12

Wednesday 28th July: Mark 2:13-3:6

Thursday 29th July: Mark 3:7-34

Friday 30th July: Mark 4:1-41

Monday 2nd August: Mark 5:1-20

Tuesday 3rd August: Mark 5:21-43

Wednesday 4th August: Mark 6:1-29

Thursday 5th August: Mark 6:30-56

Friday 6th August: Mark 7:1-37

Monday 9th August: Mark 8:1-30

Tuesday 10th August: Mark 8:31-9:1

Wednesday 11th August: Mark 9:2-29

Thursday 12th August: Mark 9:30-50

Friday 13th August  Mark 10:1-16

Monday 16th August: Mark 10:17-31

Tuesday 17th August: Mark 10:32-52

Wednesday 18th August: Mark 11:1-33

Thursday 19th August: Mark 12:1-27

Friday 20th August: Mark 12:28-44

Monday 23rd August: Mark 13:1-37

Tuesday 24th August: Mark 14:1-31

Wednesday 25th August: Mark 14:32-52

Thursday 26th August: Mark 14:53-72

Friday 27th August: Mark 15:1-15

Monday 30th August: Mark 15:16-32

Tuesday 31st August: Mark 15:33-47

Wednesday 1st September: Mark 16:1-8

Women's Ministry

As a part of the wider church family, our women's ministry seeks to know Jesus better and make Jesus better known.

This happens in many ways, as we all encourage one another and share God's Word with one another on Sundays, in small groups and throughout our day to day lives.

This also happens through a number of events we enjoy together:

Jan/Feb: Women's breakfast

March: A weekend away in the beautiful East Sussex countryside.

Late Nov: Christmas evening

Women's Bible Studies

These are for women of any age and stage of life. We meet weekly during term-time to study the Bible, encourage each other and pray. Our aims are to know Jesus better and to make him better known. We'd love you to join us if you are already a Christian or if you're wanting to find out more about the Christian faith.

Groups are currently meeting online using video conferencing software: on Tuesday afternoons (2 - 3.15pm), Wednesday mornings (10-11am) and Thursday mornings (10.30am - 12noon). 

For more details contact Jenny Williams using the form below.

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Contact us

For more information, please do get in touch with the Church office on 01892 540897