Growth Groups

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are a vital and integral part of church family life. All church members are strongly encouraged to join one. There are a few different forms:

  • Men's Growth Groups meet in the evening, at various times each month in a member's home.
  • Women's Growth Groups are held on Wednesday morning (with creche) with other groups meeting on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.
  • Growth Groups at Home, which are mixed groups, meet on various evenings in church members' houses all over Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. To enquire about joining one please message us using the form below, or email .
  • Bereans (18-30s) meet on Wednesday evenings.

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Training resources

Here are the all resources from our training event on 12 June 2022.

For the summary, click here. And find the prayer bookmark here.

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Link-up lunches

Link-up Lunches help us to mix and mingle across generations and groups in the church.

Each time, a home Growth Group; a men's or women's Growth Group; a few Bereans and Seniors are invited, with their families, for a simple lunch in the church centre. This is how it works:
  • Group leaders are notified that their group is invited to the next scheduled lunch. They encourage the group to save the date and encourage families to come along.
  • A few days before the scheduled date group leaders let the care co-ordinator know numbers.
  • The church provides freshly-cooked baked potatoes and cheese for the appropriate number. If group members would like to bring additional fillings or desserts they are welcome to do so.
  • The dishwasher is ready to help in the kitchen, at the end.

Studies in Luke

For those home growth groups studying Luke, you may find William Taylor's book on Luke from the Read/Mark/Learn series helpful. Click here to buy it from 10ofThose.


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